What is a Support Officer?

No one is immune from crisis. Tragedy or sudden death can strike anyone at any time. Support Officers help those left grieving understand what to expect in the days and months ahead following a crisis. This program exists to provide care when an individual‘s normal psychological and biological coping mechanisms are threatened. Support officers offer their services free of charge, regardless of one‘s financial situation. However, we depend on individual and corporate donations to provide this level of care.

In times of trauma, support officers also assist Whatcom County‘s first responders. Our response unit provides a shelter during a rescue effort or at a traffic fatality. Support officers also help first responders manage their personal stress triggered by critical incidents. The goal of this program is to care for all members of our community to help them to survive and eventually thrive following a crisis. People from around the world have thanked us for the helpful resources on grief that are provided on our website.

Support Officer Community Care is a nonprofit, not a public agency. Although we work in tandem with our county‘s first responders, we don‘t receive any tax funding. We depend on individual and corporate donations to meet our budget needs.  Our board consists of individuals who care about first responders and people in crisis.

Support Officer Community Crisis Care Board:
Cliff Langley – President
Danette Beckley- Treasurer
Teresa Flinn-Secretary
Jeannie Havland
Harry Andrews
Don Keller
Jason Nyhus
Doug Dahl
Barbara Skudlarick


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