Planning For Survival

Planning for Survival

Are you ready for the financial impact?

The death of a loved one or family of any kind always takes you on a traumatic emotional ride. I say that because through the process of hurting, healing, learning the changes we experience in the adjustments we have without this person, there are highs and lows just like a ride on a roller coaster.

The objective of this area is to help you think of what to look for in uncovering the possible “Survivor Benefits” available to you. Other web sites have been attached to broaden the possibility of your finding the answers you need. If you can’t find the answers, send us a message, and we will try and help you.

Sites we have selected are as follows:

Social Security Death Benefits
Social Security Administration

Will the Justice System be Involved?

Just about everyone is touched in some way by our criminal justice system. You, a relative or a friend may have been arrested, or have been the victim. In any case, the environment seems to change when we have a friend or loved the victim of a violent injury or death. The trauma of experiencing the loss of someone is enough, but to have to deal with the justice system in addition often more than we think we can handle.

The objective of this page is to help you understand your option and know what to expect through the maze of legal trails you will have to go down. We have connected with several web sites that have professionally researched and outlined an overview of what to expect.

The 50 State Courts Index
Justice for Murder Victims & VOCAL Foundation